Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things I love Thursday: Missouri State Edition

People are always asking me why I chose Missouri State University to continue my education. For a couple of months, I was debating between Missouri State, and Mizzou (University of Missouri). When it came down to it, I chose Missouri State primarily because I changed my major, and it wasn't offered at Mizzou. But after pondering the question for a while, there are so many other reasons that I'm glad I chose to be a bear.
1. Missouri State just finished the new recreation center. It is seriously so cool. It has an Olympic sized swimming pool, a zip-line that goes into the swim lanes, two rock walls, a fitness center, three basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, sauna, etc. I can not wait to get my workout on. 2. Everyone... well, not everyone.. but most students are so academically oriented. I found it so cool to walk into the library and see all these kids studying.
3. There is a Clinique counter in the bookstore... If that's not enough to make up your mind than I don't know what is. 4. The graduating rate is super high. over 70% of all incoming MSU freshman graduate within 4-5 years. That means seven out of ten students come as a bear, and leave as a bear. 
5. I don't know anything about film, but the fact that my school holds a Film Festival just seems super awesome to me and I'm totally going. There is literally sooooo much to do at MSU. I only wish I had enough time to do everything. 6. I want that jacket... enough said.
7-8. Okay so my sister is pregnant. And I honestly can not wait to buy all kinds of adorable outfits for my niece to wear. Baby Charlea is going to be crawlin' in style.
9. Missouri State is notorious for their community service and volunteer work. Last year, they took hundreds of students to help with the Joplin Relief. Hearing stories about it gives me goosebumps. 10. Missouri State volunteers have also taken numerous trips to build homes for the unfortunate. I can't wait to get involved in all of the community service work that the school is offering.

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